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Space And Similar Sounds

by Castles

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released January 27, 2012

Harrison Katz - Percussion
Max Manziyenko - Guitar/Vocals
Philip Peker - Guitar
Jeffrey Tabankin - Bass/Vocals

Album Art by Gavriel Tsioni, based on Yoram Tsioni original work.

Tambourine track on Sinking Ships done by Ryan McNulty
Mixed and Mastered by Joe Stasio
Thanks to everyone at Soundwaves for all of their help!



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Castles Livingston, New Jersey

A progressive rock band.

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Track Name: Older Than The Hills
Now the clouds come in torrents,
Waves rise up high.
You always told me you wanted me
By your side.

Screaming hail falls from the sky,
It's the pouring rain that showers my mind.
Dripping wet I lie here crying,
A sad sight am I with no chance of drying.

The sun goes down and it tries to hide away,
The moon doesn't come up,
I fear that I'll stay.
Track Name: I Know What You Mean
If you follow me closely
Through the ranks of the everyday crowd,
I will show you what we have become
As you put on your mask as a shroud.

You will notice the animals
That breed and graze under the lights,
Calmly eating away at their will;
Perhaps a surprising sight.

Disregard all the shouting.
Disregard all of the cries.
They may not have realized it yet but,
It's the sound of their own demise.

I know what you mean.
Track Name: Standards
Fly from their eyes,
Drifting gently
Through our minds.
Conventional, commonplace, customary melodies.
Classics sought by mental embassies.
Track Name: Sinking Ships
The great waves billow overhead,
The stormy skies tower above me.
The surging masses cry helplessly,
Raging waters swirling endlessly.

A ship is sailing to the bottom of the sea,
Skyward climbs the debris.
The lost souls of the fallen deplore,
Their weeping he seems to ignore.

Down, down, down they fall.
Sailing through the floor.
Let it be known to all,
Their deaths we cannot ignore.

The sun smiles upon their journey.
"The waves ever carry the worthy!"
Their content captain says to them.
Ever singing their happy hymn.

Gliding over the waves,
A ship sails on grace.
Cheers echo 'cross the ocean,
Barrels dripping in pace.

Down, down, down they fall.
Sailing through the floor.
Let it be known to all,
Their deaths we cannot ignore.